Microsoft Office meets the App store

We love the low cost, targeted functionality, and convenience apps on smartphones and tablets. And we appreciate the monolithic power and availability of Microsoft Office. We can now buy and use apps to add laser focused functionality to Microsoft Office.

Our vision

At AppsInOffice, we build useful, usable and beautiful apps which meld the convenience of an app with the contentedness of the internet and the almost universal availability of Microsoft Office.

Meeting TaxiMeter

Our first Office app Meeting TaxiMeter addresses the horror of long bloated meetings which go on and on. Meeting TaxiMeter will help you control the number of meeting participants and the length and frequency of meetings by showing you the cost and time spent in the meeting.

You can also try the free version on any internet connected device.

And our team

Peter Evans and Ron Ward are passionately committed to building Apps in Office.

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