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The Apps in Office team and our vision (3)

Will AppsInOffice release other Office or web apps?


We are working on several Office and web apps.

We would love to hear your suggestions for apps. Please write to and if we are able to implement your ideas we will provide you with a free license to the app.

Who is Peter Evans?

Peter has been using computers most of his adult life including a time last century managing a multimedia and web development group. He wrote a meeting cost calculator in about 1985 but carrying a computer into the meeting was not an option.

You can contact Peter via

In 2014 he cofounded AppsInOffice with Tony Fu.

Support (5)

How to use an Office app in Word (Office 2013 or 365)

With the introduction of Office 2013 or Office 365 you can install and use apps to add small targeted functionality to Microsoft Word. These apps allow you to display other information (e.g. a meeting timer) or add information to your document or search for information on the web without needing to leave Word.

To insert an Office app into Word

  • Click Insert > My Apps.
  • In the Apps for Office box, click Store.
  • Pick the app you want, or search for one in the search box.
  • When you find an app you want, click Add or Buy.
  • You may be asked to sign in using the username and password you use to sign into Office or Windows
  • Review the privacy information, and then click Trust it.
  • If you’d rather browse the whole store, click More apps.

To start using your Office app in Word

To start using your app or any app you have previously used

  • Click Insert > My Apps.
  • Double-click any app to start using it.
  • NOTE After you get a new app, it should show up in your apps list. If it doesn’t, click Refresh to update the list.

To remove or hide an Office app

To remove or hide an app you have previously used:

  • Click Insert > My Apps.
  • In the Apps for Office box, click Manage My Apps
  • Click the Hide link next to the app you want to hide

To retrieve or show an Office app you have previously hidden

To remove or hide an app you have previously used

  • Click Insert > My Apps.
  • In the Apps for Office box, click Manage My Apps
  • Click the Show Visible link
  • Click the Retrieve link next to the app you want to retrieve

More information on using Office apps in Word is available from Office Store or the Office Store FAQ

How can I subscribe to your newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter at

Subscribe to our monthly Meeting Cost Watch newsletter.

Can I use Meeting Taxi Meter if I don’t have Office 2013 or 356?


If you have a device with a web browser you can use the web app version of Meeting Taxi Meter. The Office App version has the following features which are not in the web app version:

  • insert the summary information into a Word or Excel document

What is the Meeting TaxiMeter privacy statement?

The Meeting Taxi Meter app does not send any information about your meetings (number of participants, salary levels, duration, or frequency) to anyone.

We may use cookies and web beacons to assess the performance of the app or our website to help us understand how people use them.

How can I contact AppsInOffice?

Write an email to

We generally respond to emails within 10 hours. It is currently  in Canberra, Australia.

Using Meeting Cost Watch app (1)

How to use the meeting cost calculator?

Meeting TaxiMeter can use be used a meeting cost calculator in several ways.

Projected meeting cost calculator

Entering the following information:

  • the number of attendees
  • their approximate salary
  • the length of the meeting, the frequency of the meeting,
  • the average amount of time it takes people to get to and from the meeting (time overhead)
  • any expenses for the meeting (cost overhead) e.g. catering or room hire

will calculate the cost of a single meeting or the projected cost of the meeting over the year.

Actual meeting cost calculator

Once you have started the meeting the real cost of the meeting will be displayed and updated throughout the meeting.

Calculating the cost of the meeting

The meeting cost is calculated in the following way

  • For each salary band calculate the cost per minute for that band and then add them to give a total cost per minute
  • Use the total cost per minute to calculate the cost of the time overhead (time to get to the meeting and leave the meeting)
  • Add the cost of the time overhead to any cost overhead (e.g. room hire) to give the total cost overhead
  • Display the elapsed meeting time and the cost so far + the total cost overhead


And a rarely asked question (2)

Why “Meter” and not “Metre”?

Now this is interesting …

The unit of length is either a “meter” (American) or a “metre” (everwhere else).

But a device that measures something is called a “meter” wherever you are in the world. And for that reason our app is called Meeting Taxi Meter. And apart from that everyone knows what a “Taxi Meter” is.

And some thing that is even more interesting: The car call a “taxi” got its name from the device called a “taximeter” which is based on “taxa” (Latin for tax or charge) and “meter” (Greek for measure).

What is a flaptop computer?

I like playing with words and I think “flaptop” is a very descriptive word. I also like “hysterical precedent” to describe many of the things we do.

Recently my fingers amused me when they accidentally typed that someone had “a very nagetive approach”


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