Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas

The scourge of working life … the long bloated meeting

boring-meetingHave you been in a bloated meeting where:

  • the salary cost of participants far outweighs any potential outcome or
  • the meeting runs far over time or important items are not fully considered?

These common problems erode productivity and sap the energy of the workplace.

  • “An estimated 25-50% of all meeting time is considered wasted” (Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics, 2010)
  • “[of the]11 million meetings that occur in the U.S. every day” office workers feel that more than half the time is wasted. (Opinion Matters, for Epson and the Centre for Economics & Business Research, May 2012)
  • “Unnecessary meetings cost U.S. businesses approximately $37 billion each year.” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2005)

Meeting costs quickly add up e.g. a weekly two hour meeting of 15 people is approximately the salary cost of another person (read more).

A  solution: Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas

handshakeMeetingThe Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas app will help you run your meetings like clockwork. It helps in all aspects of the meeting process, planning the meeting, starting the meeting, avoiding distractions and staying on track in the meeting, adjusting the meetinig so you end on time, ending the meeting, and following up.

The Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas app helps meeting organisers and participants better manage meetings by displaying the meeting time and cost (based on the number of participants and approximate salary), a countdown timer for each agenda item, the projected end time for the meeting, adjustments to the agenda times so the meeting will end on time. You can invoke the immediacy of a “talking stick” timer as a way to avoid lengthy distractions and maintain momentum.

Benefits of Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas

Some benefits of Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas are:

  • limit the number of meeting invitations and length of meeting
  • starting the meeting on time and in professional setting the expectation of effective interactions
  • showing when items are going over time allowing you to make mid-meeting course corrections (MMCCs) so the meeting ends on time rather than degenerating into a “death march meeting” with increasingly disengaged participants
  • presenting prompts to help you  to incorporate best practices
  • reminding you  to summarise the meeting and to the 1 minute meeting evaluation
  • presenting word templates and checklists


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Using Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas

There will be two versions:

  • the “Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas” Office app is available in the Office app store (free) which you can display next to your agenda or minutes in Word or meeting invitation in Outlook. To use the Office app in Word open the Insert tab then select Store (more information on using an app in Word, more on using an app in Excel)
  • a free web app (with less functionality) which will display on any internet device (desktop computer, flaptop, tablet, or smartphone)

Free 10 day course on running your meetings like clockwork

Based on extensive research we have compiled a 10 day email course called “Meetronome: running your meetings like clockwork” covering all aspects of the meeting process e.g.

  • deciding what type of meeting you  are having
  • deciding who to invite and how to prime them for maximum outcomes
  • starting the meeting
  • managing the meeting and making mid meeting course corrections (MMCC)
  • ending the meeting, a 1 minute evaluation, and continuous improvement

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And we have made it easy to to use these best practises by presenting triggered prompts while you are using Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas (you can turn these off if you want).

And we support our app

We are proud of our app and offer the following types of support:

Meeting your needs

We are actively looking for people to work with to best ensure that Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas meets your needs. In return for working with us you will get an opportunity to comment on pre-release versions and you might even get your suggestions implemented in the app.

What do you have to loose … send an email to .

Your Privacy and Terms of Service

The Meeting Cost & Time Metronome with Agendas app does not send any information about your meetings (number of participants, salary levels, duration, or frequency) to anyone. We may use cookies to assess the performance of the app or our website to help us understand how people use them (read more).