Our roadmap and your suggestions

We are passionately committed to improving the Meeting Cost Watch app to include features which will help you to reduce the cost and increase the value of your work meetings. You can provide suggestions either in:

Below are some questions that might trigger your ideas:

  • What do you want in a Meeting Cost Watch application?
  • Where do you want to use it?
    • Web app on a computer (larger screen)
    • Web app on a smartphone (smaller screen)
    • iPhone app
    • Android app
    • Microsoft Office app for use alongside an Office application
  • What do you want to specify when setting up the meeting?
    • the number of participants and their hourly or yearly salary
    • the expected length and frequency of the meeting
    • time overheads (e.g. the average time to get to the meeting) or cost overheads (e.g. room hire or catering)
  • What do you want to see?
    • Before the meeting
      • the cost per meeting and per year
    • During the meeting
      • Time progressing through the meeting
      • Cost of the meeting
      • A graphic display of remaining time
      • A graphic display if the meeting goes over time
    • At the end of the meeting
      • Total cost at the end of the meeting
      • Variance over the planned meeting time
      • Yearly cost of the meeting?
      • Variance over the year?
  • Where do you want these results to be displayed?
    • In the app
    • Pasted into the Word document
    • Pasted onto the clipboard so you can past it anywhere
    • eMailed to you

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